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runkel gas systems GmbH offer complete, customer-specific solutions in the field of industrial gas fittings - from consultancy and planning, execution and setting into operation up to maintenance - from a single source!

Our establishment in Jena was founded in 1991, in adaptation to the new market development, and has been acting as Hans Runkel Erdgas-Heizsysteme Jena GmbH within the Hans Runkel association of companies since 1996.

Our main business fields are:

- Modernisation of industrial heating systems
- Construction of plants
- High-purity gases / Technical gases
- Gas compressor plants / Burning offs for biogas,
landfill gas, and natural gas
- Construction of burners
- Construction of pipelines
- Trade in plant components and fittings
- Service for industrial plants

Our performances offered are focused on the implementation of customer- and future-oriented solutions of top quality in the field of heating technology.

Our technical know-how and the adaptability of our conceptions to the problems facing our customers are the solid basis of our achievements, resulting in individual, customer-specific, tailor-made solutions.

Our fundamental principles

It goes without saying that tradition is an obligation for us ant that we are, at the same time, a future-oriented enterprise. Ongoing education of our employees, participation in technical conferences and trade fairs, as well as the close contact to our customers are a matter of course.


You will reach us as follows:

runkel gas systems GmbH
Otto-Schott-Straße 13
07745 Jena

Phone +49 36427 70289
Fax +49 36427 75572